For Publishers

What can I publish?

Anything you want! You can incorporate any combination of text, images, and videos. (We’ll have options for audio in very soon).

How do I change the price of my publication?

You set the price for you publication in the publication settings. Once you have subscribers, the price cannot be changed. (We're working on giving you that ability very soon.)

Can I change an issue once it is published?

Yes, you can change the content of an issue, but readers who have already downloaded the issue to their iOS device will still see the original content. All new downloads and views will be of the updated issue.

Why can’t I purchase a Newsstand app for my publication?

Apple needs to review the content of your publication, so at least one issue needs to be published before we can submit your app to Apple.

Why can’t I publish a single article?

Apple’s Newsstand is built around the idea of delivering issues, and we also think that you can provide extra value for a reader by packaging content into issues. If you want to publish just a single article, you can publish an issue with one article.

How do I delete my publication?

You can can change the name, URL, and content of a publication at any time. If you need to delete a publication, please contact us at hello@periodical.co.

How do I set a custom URL?

This is a two part process. First, enter your custom URL in your publication’s settings. Second, you’ll need to go to your domain host and update your A or CNAME record to point it to your publication. Use for the A-Record address, or your periodical.co domain for the CNAME record.

If you need help, we’d be happy to walk you through the process. Just email us hello@periodical.co.

How often is the analytics section updated?

Every night at midnight PST.

How often is my subscriber count updated?

Every night at midnight PST.

How does Kindle delivery work?

If you purchase Kindle delivery, your subscribers will be given the option sign up for Kindle delivery for your publication. They will just need to enter their Kindle email address and all new issues will be delivered wirelessly and automatically to their Kindle. Kindle publishing is formatted to look great on both e-ink and tablet Kindle devices and apps.

What happens if my magazine is rejected by Apple?

If Apple rejects your magazine for any content reasons, we’ll forward you their notes in full and give you an option to either resubmit after updating your content, or get a full refund for the app fee.

How do I preview what my iPhone/iPad app will look like?

We will have a Periodical Previewer app live in the App Store soon. In the meantime, please take a look at some of the featured publications on our homepage as examples of how the apps work.

Are there any requirements for how often I need to publish?

We don’t have any requirements on our end. If you choose to publish to an iOS app, we recommend publishing at least once per quarter.

Can I export my subscribers?

For subscriber data, Apple doesn't allow migration of subscriptions between any apps, regardless of whether they are on the same developer account or not.

The absolute best we can do within their technical limitations is provide you with a list of all the email addresses and customer data we have stored, so that you can re-engage them outside of our system. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to migrate actual recurring subscriptions between any two systems, but if anything like that comes out, we'll support it as soon as possible.

Can I export my publication data?

We are working on export tools so you can download all the issues and articles you've uploaded into our system.

Can I publish in languages other than English?

Yes. Your articles can be in any UTF-8 supported language. You can change the default language of your periodical to German, Japanese, Spanish, or Turkish, and we'll be adding more languages soon. If you’d like to help us translate some standard phrases to your local language, please contact us: hello@periodical.co.

Can I import content from my existing site?

For now, we’ve made sure to make it really easy to copy and paste your content into our editor. In the future we’ll be adding features that make it easier to import existing content.

How do I set the publishing time zone?

You can publish in your local time zone. To change your time zone, make sure you’re logged in and change the setting at periodical.co/account.

Can I release the app on my own Apple developer license?

No, currently we release the apps on the App Store for you from our own developer account. This makes the process much smoother, quicker, and easier to manage. It also saves you the $99/year Apple Developer license fee.

How often will I be paid?

You will be paid once a month after you sell your first subscription.

For Publishers

How do I unsubscribe from a publication?

It's easy. When you're logged into your account, visit periodical.co/dashboard/subscriptions/manage and click the "Unsubscribe" button.

How do I find new publications?

For now, we’ll be featuring publications on our homepage. We’re actively working on a much more intelligent discovery engine that will be released very soon.

Does unsubscribing from a publication cancel the remaining time I’ve already paid for?

After you cancel, you’ll still have access to the publication for the full-duration of your subscription cycle.